Training Overview

Seacoast United Lacrosse offers year round training opportunities to lacrosse players in the seacoast area. Our primary goal is to offer the March to April players an opportunity to keep their game fresh. We encourage multiple sport athletes, but there is no reason a player can't keep his stick active in the off-season. 


Summer & Winter SKILLS SESSIONS:  

Our Summer & Winter Skills clinics are unique in that each clinic will focus specifically on one or more fundamental lacrosse skills.  Each skill will be broken down into a few basic (and coachable) elements, and then will be taught through explanation, demonstration, and drills.  As we build from week to week, we recap what we have learned, introduce new skill elements, and play some “small-ball” to get the kids playing fast and smart.


rising generations SUMMER CAMP:  

This Berwick Academy run camp is designed for players looking to take their individual skills to the next level through intense small group instruction. Held at Berwick Academy, their facilities offer players a unique experience through the catered lunch, mid-day movies in the theater and close interaction with college players and coaches. There is no other lacrosse camp in the area that packs this much value in for such an affordable price.



Entering our 6th year, this League is hosted on Sunday afternoons at the Seacoast United Indoor Arena in Hampton, New Hampshire. The High School and Youth Divisions play head to head match-ups and 1 week of playoffs to crown the King of The H.I.L.L. (Houlagan Indoor Lacrosse League). For smaller groups we play CHUMASH to increase the number of touches those player get. This is a great opportunity for our players to get prepared and shake the rust off for the upcoming youth or high school season.


Fall & Spring House League:  

Our House League is open to all players of all skill levels. This league offers you an opportunity to take what you learn during skills and apply it immediately to game situations. We believe that your player will get the most lacrosse experience out of this program. By combining our skills clinics with the Houlagan House League, your players will learn different fundamental skills and concepts for 40 minutes and then apply those skills in real-game situations for the 40 minutes that follow.


Seasonal Timeline

SPRING SEASON:  March - June

  • House League - April - May (8 Weeks)

SUMMER SEASON:  June - August

  • Grassroots - Learn2Lax - June - July (6 Weeks)

  • Positional Academy - June - July (6 Weeks)

  • Summer Leagues - June - July (6 Weeks)

  • Summer Camps - June (4 Days)


  • Grassroots - Learn2Lax - September - October (6 Weeks)

  • Positional Academy - September - October (6 Weeks)

  • House League - September - October (6 Weeks)


  • Indoor League I - October - December (8 Weeks)

  • Grassroots - Learn2Lax - October - December (8 Weeks)

  • Positional Academy - Nov - Dec (8 Weeks)

  • Indoor League II- January - March (10 Weeks)

  • Grassroots - Learn2Lax - January - March (10 Weeks)

  • Positional Academy - January - March (10 Weeks)

  • Free Player & Coach clinics (1 Day Sessions)